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マシュー牧師先生 (Matthew Plewes) アメリカ人、静岡市結婚牧師。日本語、英語ができます。日本永住ビザのあるマシュー先生です。20年+静岡住んでいますた。多言語 – 950以上の結婚式牧師はAACC(キリスト教カウンセラー協会)のクリスチャン結婚カウンセラーとして訓練を受けています。

Matthew is a professional wedding officiant located in Shizuoka, Japan. An American in Japan 20+ years. Matthew is a licensed wedding officiant in Hawaii and trained and authorized as a Christian officiant  in Japan. Matthew is also trained as a Christian Marriage Counselor through AACC (American Association of Christian Counselors).

Matthew has officiated more than 950 English, Japanese, or bi-lingual weddings in Japan. Matthew is associated  with the Evangelical Church in pre-evangelism.  Pre-evangelism is giving a message of love, kindness and forgiveness, the cornerstone and fundamental messages of Christianity during the wedding ceremony to the unconverted wedding participants.  The hope is that the beautiful messages and ceremony will inspire them to the seek more knowledge about God and Christ.

Matthew is a freelance officiant, and is the main wedding officiant for a beautiful multi-million dollar chapel located in downtown Shizuoka City, Shizuoka, Japan. Matthew is also able to do weddings in other locations, as well as private ceremonies. For example; Restaurant, Private Home, Garden, Beach, Park, etc.

1回 結婚式の牧師費用:¥20.000〜 

(会議: ¥5.000 / リハーサル料:¥5.000円〜)

(1回 結婚式: ¥15.000〜) 

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