Welcome to Plewes Center

Founded by Matt Plewes (www.mattplewes.com), The Plewes Center is an "umbrella organization" for community and personal educational and empowerment programs and co-ops. It has been called an " interesting and unique" social idea.
We are known for our relationship with SBS-TV Gakuen and our ownership of Liberty English School and Liberty Missionary College Online, and nearly 30 years of Chuntian Academy Real World Defense Systems of America, Singapore and Japan.

The key to the Plewes Center's success is in our focus on engaging people of all cultures in the education of real world self defense skills, the mind-body-spirit connection of advanced martial arts and spirituality, and the importance of cross culture cohesion, friendships, wellness and setting goals and making a life plan.
This is done by education, life-coaching, empowerment, special services, international clubs and giving a helping hand. Our goal is to assist people in building a better life and community.

Since opening in Japan in 2001, our schools and charities have hosted more than 1000 students, parents and guest participating in our programs, clubs and other activities. Through our Pre-Evangelism wedding services and activities - we have shared Christianity's message of love, charity and faith to over 50,000 people. As time goes by, Plewes Center will continue to provide hands-on instructional programs to students and outreach to the community of Shizuoka, Japan and beyond. Director's homepage; www.mattplewes.com